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Meet the Mountains: Alpamayo

The Cordillera Blanca stretches over a vast area 180km long and 21km wide with 33 major peaks over 5500m. An area this huge offers a great variety of outstanding beauty, and, of course, each peak boasts its own unique charm and incredible story.    Alpamayo (5947m) was dubbed the world’s most beautiful mountain in an international […]

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Sustainable Adventure (and what Project Cordillera means by that…)

I’ve worked with international NGOs in Colombia, Uganda and Sierra Leone and far too often I’ve heard development workers throw around terms and speak in coded acronyms. Definitions in the field can have different interpretations depending on what the objectives are of the project. However, the organizations I’ve worked with that were making waves to […]

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Interview with Sadie Quarrier: National Geographic Magazine’s Sr. Photo Editor of Expeditions

Charlotte Kesl: What draws you to adventure and expedition storytelling? Sadie Quarrier: What I love about my adventure and exploration beat is the community of photographers, videographers and athletes (adventurers, climbers, mountaineers, etc.) that this allows me to work with daily. They’re high energy, driven, and talented as artists but also push themselves often to […]

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Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru

Mountain tourism in Ancash, Peru Just how important is adventure mountain tourism to the local economies of Peru – find out here.

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Our Social Commitment and What Your Expedition Funds

As a social enterprise, Project Cordillera’s central motivator is creating social value. This means that the partnerships we have forged with community-based development organisations, and the local communities of which they are part, are central to our operations as an ethical business. So how does this work in practice? Well, in partnership with leading guiding […]

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An Illustrated List of People Who Do Good When They Travel

An Illustrated List of People Who Do Good When They Travel Travellers come in many shapes and sizes. They travel with purpose, or roam aimlessly, instigate change or passively pass through, become consumed by wanderlust, drop off the grid, get lost, and find their way back home. There are as many different types of wandering […]

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What We Mean by Social Enterprise

Over the past decade or so the term social enterprise has exploded into public discourse. Across a range of professional and community-based social provision and environmental protection, and in many countries, the term has been seen as an opportunity to create business that actively builds a more sustainable and socially equitable future. For the not-for-profit sector, social […]

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